Moreno Valley Bed Bugs


“Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” You have probably heard this saying many times but never thought it to be a ‘true’ saying. Unfortunately, it is. Bed bugs got their name for being pests that like to bite people while they sleep. They feed on you, sucking your blood using a part of their mouth. Why can’t you feel it? They use another part of their mouth to inject their saliva into your skin which causes a numbing sensation therefore limiting the sting so they can feed. It’s more like a pin prick type feeling.


Identifying bed bugs can be hard depending on their stage of life when you discover them. Bed bugs have oval, flat bodies. Adult bed bugs are compared to the size of an apple seed. They typically have a darker spot on their backs and are brown-red in color.


moreno valley bed bugs

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If you awaken to find bites on you and know that you don’t have a flea problem or other insect-biting problem there are measures you can take to investigate a bed bug problem. If you still feel unsure whether or not it’s bed bugs that are attacking your family or customers give us a call and we can come inspect the area.


(1) Check your bed for signs of bed bugs. Areas include the headboard, footboard, frame, bedding and mattresses. Many times bed bugs will hide in the seams of your mattress which can make it hard to detect them if you aren’t specifically looking for them. (Turning the lights off and using a flashlight can make this process easier for some people.)


(2) Look out for blood spots, either reddish or brownish in color. This is bed bug fecal matter and confirms bed bug activity.


(3) Inspect furniture near the bed such as a night stand or chair. It’s also important to look around any wall decor and behind outlet plates.


If your room is cluttered with items you will most likely have an even more difficult time trying to determine if you have bed bugs. You can rely on us to come help you locate any active bed bugs if you aren’t sure about doing it on your own. However, should you suspect a bed bug problem we encourage you to call (909) 726-7190 right away to get it handled properly and efficiently.

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