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As with many pests, rats and mice are no stranger to the Moreno Valley area. We have treated many homes and businesses like for rodent control over the past several months. Nobody likes to come across a mouse in their kitchen or workplace so they rely on us to take care of the rodent problem for them; and we are grateful!

Rats and mice can squeeze through very small places which makes them rather difficult to completely eradicate. Many of our customers will approach the issue using in-store products before giving us a call after their failed attempt. While in-store products can work for you, depending on the infestation and situation, it may not be the most feasible or successful option.

moreno valley rodent control

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Not often will you encounter a rodent problem and only have a couple rodents. This does happen but only if a person happens to discover the rodents early on which is sometimes hard to do. Most people realize they have rodents in their home when they come across chewed wires or cables or notice droppings on their counters or under appliances and furniture.

Rodents can carry disease seeing as how their living conditions are often unsanitary and clustered. It’s important to clean any areas where the rodents may have come into contact once we’ve treated your home.

Mice and rats will chew things to keep their teeth sharp and they can easily chew through anything. It doesn’t have to be food for them to destroy it. If you’ve discovered droppings or heard scratching or chewing give us a call at (909) 726-7190 today. Our rodent control experts are here to help you and we guarantee our work.

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