Moreno Valley Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are disgusting pests no matter how you look at it so it’s no surprise that our customers call us, sometimes in a panicked state of mind, to inquire about our cockroach elimination services. Many times we deal with the simple water bugs which is a cockroach species that prefers damp, moist areas. Therefore they are often taking up residence in bathrooms or basements where water might be lurking somewhere.

moreno valley cockroach removal

Cockroaches carry diseases; call us for removal of these unsanitary pests!

Other times we deal with German cockroaches which are quite common in Moreno Valley, to the surprise of many residents. Just because a place becomes infested with cockroaches doesn’t mean it is unsanitary or unfit to inhabit. Cockroaches find their way in to clean homes as well because they ran out of food in a nearby building or home. That’s all. However, your own living conditions can encourage a cockroach infestation without you realizing it.

Stacks of old boxes or paper can be an invitation for cockroaches. They love to hide and many of us have opened a box that was in storage for quite some time only to be greeted by one or two cockroaches inside. (Depending on the storage unit location.) They love cardboard and any scrap materials they can easily hide in.

If you discover cockroaches in your kitchen or other eating areas it’s important to disinfect and sanitize the counters and items that may have been affected. It’s a nuisance to find them in your pantry because our customers will clean and clean only to continue finding cockroaches so we advise waiting until you let us treat the residence before attempting to clean and sanitize the infected areas. Call (909) 726-7190 today to learn about our process for eliminating cockroaches and just how we can help you with your pest problems!

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