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Many areas in California suffer with the presence of unwanted pests, especially stinging insects. We know that having bees or wasps around your home or business can be aggravating, not to mention scary at times. Even more so if you are allergic. However, we offer bee control solutions to help keep your family and customers safe from these stinging pests.

Africanized and honey bees have become slightly more common in the area and should be regarded with caution. You might even have a bee problem for awhile before becoming aware of it. This is because bees may be coming and going from your home through a crack or opening on the exterior of your home. If you notice a lone bee entering or exiting a spot on the outside of your home, there is a chance there are more in the unseen area.

The more harmless Moreno Valley bees and wasps can be a nuisance all the same. We encourage residents to avoid trying to eradicate bees or wasps on their own. This can backfire and cause the bees or wasps to attack, stinging anything and everyone in their path. Call (909) 726-7190 and we can help you get rid of the bees in your tree or wasps under the awning.

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